Saudi Arabia
5.000 sqm

Inspired by Carrara marble and Michelangelo's craftsmanship, this Mansion is a colossal stone block with water features and sustainable design for optimal ventilation. 

The project draws its inspiration from the monumental white marble mountain of Carrara, embodying its impetuous and immense power. At the heart of this mountain, the quarryman, known as the "Cavatore," carves patiently and tirelessly, day after day, seeking out the finest veins and purest cuts. These marble blocks, hewn from the mountain, were once shaped by the skilled hands of Michelangelo to give rise to immortal sculptures such as David, Pietà, and the Prisoners. With these iconic works in mind, we conceived of this Mansion as a colossal stone block, nestled between the sky and the sand, a testament to time and craftsmanship.
As the wind and time have gently weathered the stone's surfaces, human hands have shaped and refined it. The stone's natural cuts allow water to trickle inside, forming serene pools and canals. Standing before this stone, the quarryman carves a grand arch, 54 feet wide and 26 feet tall, from this pure space, enjoying views of the sea and the testament of his craft.
The exterior facade stands proudly, constructed with a ventilated system to shade and protect the interior rooms. The building is meticulously designed to offer cross-ventilation through strategically placed windows. Interior surfaces and finishes boast exquisite materials, while internal walls are crafted from rammed earth and hempcrete, ensuring optimal insulation with a low carbon footprint and high thermal inertia.