Franchi Umberto Marmi

Franchi Umberto Marmi partners with Luca Dini for two Carrara marble collections: Cubic, with precise lines, and Spheric, emphasizing curvaceous forms and versatile design. 


Franchi Umberto Marmi has entrusted Luca Dini’s studio to highlight the beauty of Carrara marble with two distinct, fully customizable collections designed for the nautical world, seamlessly transitioning from outdoor to indoor settings. The Cubic Collection exudes geometric precision, elevating it to an almost poetic level. Minimalistic, clean lines define the elegant and customizable furnishings, presenting Carrara marble in an impressively light manner. The noble Carrara marble, available in Calacatta Franchi and Grigio Collemandina, is harmoniously paired with fine fabrics, exquisite finishings, various types of wood, and select metals, creating a striking contrast. This contemporary design project merges precise shapes with a timeless soul. Meanwhile, the Spheric Collection explores the balance between lightness of form and fullness, featuring notable dimensions and curvaceous shapes. Carrara marble remains the focal point, transformed beyond its natural identity to captivate all who behold it. Each piece in this collection is fully customizable, designed to adapt to the unique needs of its users, offering a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic allure.