Fortune Italia: a talk withLuca Dini

The expanding horizons from maritime to visionary architecture in an exclusive interview

Luca Dini, the president and CEO of Luca Dini Spa, recently shared insights into his professional journey in an interview with Fortune Italia. After thirty years in the nautical industry, Dini has embarked on a new adventure in architecture and real estate. He emphasized the studio's strong connections with major industries and skilled artisans in Florence.
Currently, the Studo is involved in an exciting project in Saudi Arabia, where they are designing Sindalah, an island within a 40-island archipelago in the Red Sea. This project, set to open in mid-2024, marks the first phase of the extensive Neom development, valued at over $3 trillion.
He discussed the importance of the entire supply chain in delivering Italian design to international clients, highlighting that their comprehensive approach sets them apart in the global market.