Saudi Arabia
5.000 sqm

For this Luxury Mansion in Saudi Arabia, we envision harmonious coexistence between man and nature, integrating natural elements for sustainability and energy efficiency. 

For this Luxury Mansion in Saudi Arabia, we envision a future where man and nature coexist harmoniously, not as a distant possibility but as a present reality. Here, architecture is the embodiment of the human spirit and its profound connection with nature. Architectural forms arise from a shared cultural and environmental context, rather than individual interests or fleeting artistic trends.
To achieve this balance, we begin with the inherent characteristics of the site—its morphology and materials—and imbue them with a human touch. Viewed through the lens of individuals who have attained a heightened state of consciousness and who choose to live in a community that respects and integrates with nature, the architecture speaks through monumental and iconographic forms. These simple yet powerful shapes are readily understood by the human intellect, arising from a collective unconscious that has been recognized in Eastern thought from Arabia to China since ancient times.
Here, the horizontal expanse of sea and desert converges with the vertical grandeur of mountains. Abstracted, they transform into modern monoliths that reach toward the sky, with natural cracks opening as cavities to contemplate the stars. The oasis emerges as an archetypal model of life in the desert, rooted deep in our collective unconscious.
Man is inherently connected to the universe, and the home is his instrument. Courtyards are strategically oriented to capture prevailing winds, enhancing natural ventilation, while abundant thermal masses in sunny areas regulate internal temperatures. Towers are positioned to harness prevailing winds, functioning akin to traditional wind towers of the Middle East, acting as natural air conditioners and significantly reducing electricity consumption.