Leisure / Hospitality
Saudi Arabia
19.000 sqm / 50 keys / 20 villas
Under construction

The resort's architecture harmoniously integrates large stone and concrete blocks amidst sand, rocks, and water, with an interior design concept inspired by amethyst quartz. 

The architectural language of the resort is inspired by the harmony between man and nature, envisioning a future where architecture returns to its monumental and archetypal dimensions, reminiscent of the evocative landscapes depicted by Jean-Pierre Ugarte. His visionary works, akin to romantic paintings, evoke a future archaeology where abandoned ruins and quarries sculpted by man seamlessly blend artifice with nature.
The resort takes shape amidst a natural landscape of sand, rocks, and water, integrating large blocks of stone and concrete into its surroundings. This juxtaposition creates a striking contrast in geometry while maintaining a cohesive morphological unity.
The interior design concept draws inspiration from natural elements, particularly amethyst quartz—a mineral known for its hard exterior shell that reveals a sparkling layer of tiny quartz crystals within. Contrasting with the rough textures and linear geometries of the exterior, translucent crystals define the facade of the lobby and ground floor common areas, casting mesmerizing reflections and shadows, and enhancing the play of light.
This harmonious fusion of monumental forms and natural elements creates a captivating and sophisticated ambiance throughout the resort, offering a unique and luxurious experience on Sindalah Island.