Leisure / Hospitality
Saudi Arabia
185.000 sqm / 85 berths
Under construction

Sindalah Island, a masterplan comprising resorts and more, showcases natural materials inspired by a unique color palette, creatively integrating artistic elements. 

Sindalah Island will feature natural handmade materials inspired by the island’s unique color palette. These materials include translucent, chromoactive, iridescent, and artistic elements, carefully integrated in an unexpected manner. They represent an innovative reinterpretation of traditional Mediterranean textures and colors, specifically designed for Sindalah. The ever-changing materials complement the island's natural rocks, creating a harmonious contrast between elements inspired by its distinctive materiality and simple yet refined materials.
Sindalah Village is meticulously crafted from natural materials that reflect the island’s color palette. By creatively reusing local resources, new vibrant materials are revealed throughout both outdoor and indoor spaces. The Ultra Luxury Resort serves as a treasure chest of natural rock textures embedded with gleaming crystals in delicate tones. At the Upper Upscale Resort location, the island’s untouched landscape provides a backdrop for interesting contrasts of ice and fire, created through colored crystals, offering diverse island experiences.
The Luxury Resort (South) blends natural, local materials and traditional techniques with vibrant, innovative interiors. Earthy exterior colors seamlessly merge the buildings with the natural surroundings, while contrasting finishes draw inspiration from the blue tones of the sea and sky, with accents from the underwater palette.