Leisure / Hospitality
Saudi Arabia
11.400 sqm / 50 keys / 16 villas
Under construction

This Autograph Collection Hotels Resort features large stone blocks and a serene spa sanctuary amidst sandy dunes and exotic vegetation. 

Nestled amidst the turquoise waters of the Red Sea, Sindalah Island aspires to be one of the most exclusive and captivating destinations in the region. The Upper Upscale Resort, positioned on the island's northwestern shore, epitomizes a unique architectural marvel designed to offer an unparalleled and extraordinary experience.
The resort's design integrates large stone blocks emerging from the sandy landscape, supporting a polycarbonate architectural sculpture that juxtaposes natural elements with man-made materials. Inside, the design concept explores the interplay of light with these distinctive materials and their textured surfaces. While the resort's volumes exhibit rough textures and linear geometries, the play of light creates an artistic effect, evoking a sculptural presence in the desert.
Translucent polycarbonate volumes are positioned above a robust stone base, manipulating perceptions of space as guests traverse through them. From the main entrance, guests are drawn towards breathtaking sea views, framed by a restaurant and lobby/lounge area. Stairs lead through landscaped features to an organic-shaped swimming pool, reminiscent of natural pools. Adjacent to the lobby, another staircase descends to a canyon garden, alongside hotel rooms and a suspended SPA volume.
The SPA, featuring exclusive treatment areas, appears to float above an infinity pool with a jacuzzi, providing a serene sanctuary for guests. At the southern end of the property, villas are nestled among sandy dunes and exotic vegetation, resembling rare gems scattered along the shore by the ocean waves.