Saudi Arabia
5.000 sqm

A design that blends nature's beauty with advanced technology, featuring a secret garden, an elevated pool with panoramic views, and a smart shading system. 

The central focus of this mansion design proposal is to achieve a delicate balance between the timeless beauty of nature and advanced technology, seamlessly blending with the language of the surrounding landscape while incorporating cutting-edge elements. The resulting architecture is both futuristic and evocative of a primordial past, appearing as though it has always been and always will be a part of its environment.
Living in this house is akin to discovering a new and ever-changing environment daily, as water and vegetation react to the passing seasons. The podium volume resembles a rock shaped by the sea's endless movements, deeply ingrained by erosion. It encompasses the most private aspects of the house and hosts numerous special functions. A secret garden provides ventilation throughout the building and connects the house to the beach. Atop the podium, an elevated pool offers exclusive panoramic views over the glistening sea.
The nimbus volume is designed to be as ethereal as possible, blending with the sky and providing a 360° view over the city and coast. A smart shading system adjusts to maintain the ideal light balance throughout the day. Extending beyond the podium, part of this volume features a spiritual flying garden—a sanctuary for meditation and physical training.
Indoor spaces include a reception hall and a lounge/restaurant where guests and residents can meet and enjoy their time surrounded by water and clear skies. The cirrus volume, reminiscent of a flying carpet, shades the water garden and the space beneath it. At night, this simple element transforms into a smart hub for outdoor entertainment, its allure enhanced by the presence of water. Organic pillars blend discreetly among the trees and palms, but when the sun sets, LEDs on their surface illuminate, making them appear to float on a sea of light.